Champagne Saber Kellermann -

Claude Dozorme Champagne Saber

Champagne Saber Kellermann

This exclusive and luxurious Champagne Saber Kellermann from Claude Dozorme is a ‘must-have’ for every champagne lover. With prestige, elegance and nobility the Champagne Saber is handmade in France and a perfect match to your Champagne glasses. From the heart of French knife culture in Thiers, the Kellermann Champagne Saber is a sparkling symbol of French elegance, refinement and artisanship – an indispensable tool for all your celebrating and memorable moments.

Step in the glorious footprints of Napoleon and saber your favorite Champagne with style. With an attractive, chic and timeless ‘look’ the Kellermann Champagne Saber stands out as a true crown jewel and the key to all your sparkling and wonderful moments.

With a 22-carat gilded hilt, a silvered steel blade and a handmade wooden handle, the design of this exclusive Kellermann Champagne Saber is absolutely exquisite – even finished with a yellow knot just like Napoleon’s impetuous cavalry. The Champagne Saber comes in a luxurious oak box with a silky white inlay together with a booklet called “L’art de Sabrer le Champagne”.

* We refer to the national laws applicable to wearing and using knives and sabers