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Eisch Longdrink glasses

Elevate your drinking experience with the premium EISCH UNITY SENSISPLUS longdrink glasses. Perfectly crafted to accentuate the taste and aroma of your favourite cocktails, these glasses will take your cocktail game to the next level.

Handmade and mouth-blown with the finest lead-free crystal and a stylish, modern design, the EISCH UNITY SENSISPLUS longdrink glasses are the perfect addition to any bar, restaurant, or home. Whether you are enjoying a refreshing gin and tonic, a classic mojito, or a unique cocktail creation, our longdrink glasses provide the perfect glass for your drink. The extra-long shape allows for ample space for ice and mixers, while the narrow design ensures that the aromas of your drink remain concentrated for maximum enjoyment.

Not only do the EISCH UNITY SENSISPLUS Longdrink glasses enhance the taste and presentation of your cocktails, but they are also incredibly durable and easy to clean in the dishwasher. These glasses are made to last, and will be a staple in your barware collection for years to come.

Elevate your cocktail game with the premium EISCH Longdrink glasses. Perfect for entertaining, gifting, or simply enjoying a delicious drink at home, these glasses are the ultimate must-have for any cocktail lover. Order now and experience the perfect balance of style and function in every sip. We truly recommend the EISCH UNITY SENSISPLUS Longdrink glasses to every cocktail lover.

The longdrink glasses come in a beautiful gift box – ready to be unfolded for unforgettable cocktail and drinks moments!

Volume capacity: 460 ml

Height: 15,0 cm

Width: 7,0 cm

Weight: 300 g