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Eisch SENSISPLUS wine glasses

We introduce the ultimate wine experience with SENSISPLUS glasses by EISCH! Satisfy your taste buds and unfold the true potential of your favorite wines with these award-winning glasses. The real magic of the Eisch SENSISPLUS glasses lies in their ability to release the full spectrum of flavours and aromas in record time, making every sip an unforgettable adventure. The SENSISPLUS wine glasses have been praised by wine experts and connoisseurs worldwide doing wine glass comparison tastings.

The exceptional and extraordinary design of the high-quality Eisch products has received several awards such as the Tableware International Award of Excellence, the Dineus Tableware Prize and the Manufactory Product of the Year.

With the finest lead-free crystal, innovative technology and timeless and elegant design, the Eisch SENSISPLUS glasses take your wine moments to the next level. The exquisite artisanship and the attention to every detail make the Eisch SENSISPLUS a true masterpiece that will be cherished for many years to come. Discover the better wine taste yourself today with the Eisch SENSISPLUS wine glasses!