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Eisch Allround Wine glasses - Gold Edition

Introducing the ultimate wine glasses for an unforgettable tasting experience: EISCH ESSENCA SENSISPLUS GOLD EDITION. Crafted from brilliant crystal glass using the latest technology, these glasses are not only lightweight and extremely thin but also highly break-resistant due to the technique of pulled stems. But what sets them apart is the 24-carat gold embellishment applied with great sensitivity at the EISCH glassworks, protected by our GPC-Protect© technology to preserve its shine permanently.

For the ESSENCA SENSISPLUS series, it is not the colour of the wine - red or white - that determines the choice of glass, but rather its character. The EISCH ESSENCA wine glasses with the SENSISPLUS feature create unique moments of enjoyment together with delicious wines.

SENSISPLUS technology allows wine to fully express its complexity right after pouring. The VINUM wine magazine writes: "The SENSISPLUS glass unfolded the entirety of the aromas (...) like a shimmering fan." And with the generous volume of the SENSISPLUS Gold Edition glasses, the bouquet is allowed to fully unfold, giving the wines a perfect balance.

The ESSENCA SENSISPLUS Gold Edition All-round glasses come in 3 different versions, so you can choose the perfect glass for your preferred wine character or engage in exciting glass comparison tastings to discover which glass truly reveals the full potential of your preferred wine:

All-round Powerful & Rich:

Ideal for powerful, expressive red wines with high tannin content as well as voluminous, full-bodied red wines. Perfect for displaying the flavour notes of characterful white wines such as oak-aged Chardonnays. The generous volume in combination with SENSISPLUS allows the bouquet to fully unfold and gives the wines a good balance.

All-round Refreshing & Light:

This wine and champagne glass enhances light wines that invite you to enjoy them fresh or sparkling. In conjunction with SENSISPLUS, it emphasizes the fruity nuances of light white and rosé wines. The aromas of fruit-rich and young champagne and Blanc de Blancs are also transported in the elongated aroma channel of the glass. A mousse point promotes the formation of champagne bubbles. The glass gives dessert wines with their fine residual sweetness enough room for the interplay of sweetness and acidity.

All-round glass Fruity & Aromatic:

For elegant, fruity white wines and medium-bodied to full-bodied, fruity red wines without barrique aging. The SENSISPLUS glass combines diverse fruit with fine spice and floral aromas.

Experience the ultimate wine tasting with ESSENCA SENSISPLUS Gold Edition glasses – the perfect complement to delicious wines.

The wine glasses come in a beautiful gift box – ready to be unfolded for unforgettable wine moments!

  All-round Powerful & Rich All-round Fruity & Aromatic All-round Refreshing & Light
Volume capacity: 740 ml 580 ml 400 ml
Height: 25,3 cm 23,7 cm 24,2 cm
Width:  10,0 cm 9,1 cm 7,9 cm
Weight: 300 g 280 g 240 g