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Eisch Allround Wine Tasting Set

Embark on a journey of sensory discovery with ESSENCA SENSISPLUS from EISCH! This Tasting Set contains three exquisite glasses – All-round "Refreshing & Light", All-round "Fruity & Aromatic", and All-round "Powerful & Rich" - each designed to enhance the unique character of your favourite wines.

The days of choosing a wine glass based on the colour of your wine are over. With ESSENCA SENSISPLUS, you will choose a wine glass based on its personality - whether your wine is full-bodied, light and fruity, or somewhere in between, there is a wine glass that perfectly complements its character.

Crafted with cutting-edge SENSISPLUS technology, the ESSENCA SENSISPLUS wine glasses ensure that your wine's bouquet fully unfolds, creating a balanced wine tasting experience that is second to none. Moreover, the EISCH Tasting Set includes a flyer with wine recommendations for each wine glass, a notepad for jotting down your own tasting notes, and a pencil with the SENSISPLUS logo.

SENSISPLUS impresses wine experts and connoisseurs worldwide in wine glass comparison tastings. In the SENSISPLUS glass, wine unfolds in its full complexity in the shortest possible time after pouring. The wine magazine VINUM writes: "The SENSISPLUS glass unfolded the entirety of the aromas (...) like a shimmering fan."

And the best part? Our ESSENCA SENSISPLUS glasses are made from brilliant crystal glass using the latest technology. They are lightweight and thin, yet incredibly durable thanks to their pulled stems.

Experience the full potential of your favourite wines with ESSENCA SENSISPLUS – it is an adventure for your taste buds!

The wine glasses come in a beautiful gift box – ready to be unfolded for unforgettable wine moments!

  All-round Powerful & Rich All-round Fruity & Aromatic All-round Refreshing & Light
Volume capacity: 740 ml 580 ml 400 ml
Height: 25,3 cm 23,7 cm 24,2 cm
Width:  10,0 cm 9,1 cm 7,9 cm
Weight: 300 g 280 g 240 g