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Eisch Allround Wine glasses - Platinum Edition

Introducing the EISCH ESSENCA SENSISPLUS Platinum Edition wine glasses, the epitome of sophistication and luxury in the world of wine glasses. They are truly a masterpiece, crafted with advanced technology and adorned with genuine platinum to elevate your wine drinking experience to a whole new level.

Made from brilliant crystal glass, these glasses are not only light and thin but also highly durable thanks to the innovative technique used to create the stem. And with the added touch of platinum, applied by skilled artisans at the EISCH glassworks, these glasses are truly a sight to behold.

But the real magic of the ESSENCA SENSISPLUS glasses lies in their ability to showcase the complexity and richness of your wine in mere seconds. In fact, wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts worldwide rave about the way these glasses bring out the full spectrum of flavours and aromas.

The Platinum Edition includes three versatile glasses to cater to all your wine preferences:

The all-round, Refreshing and Light glass is perfect for crisp whites, while the all-round, Fruity and Aromatic glass is ideal for aromatic whites and lighter reds. And finally, the all-round, Powerful and Rich glass is the perfect match for bold reds and full-bodied whites.

Not only are these glasses a treat for your taste buds, but they're also a stunning addition to your table setting. Impress your guests and elevate any occasion with these exquisite wine glasses. Moreover, they come beautifully presented in a gift box, making them an ideal present for the wine lover in your life.

Choose your personal all-round glass or indulge in exciting glass-tasting comparisons to discover which glass brings out the best in your wine. With EISCH Germany's tradition of excellence dating back to 1946, you can be sure that you are investing in the finest quality and artisanship. Discover the ultimate experience in wine drinking pleasure with the ESSENCA SENSISPLUS Platinum Edition wine glasses today.

The wine glasses come in a beautiful gift box – ready to be unfolded for unforgettable wine moments!

  All-round Powerful & Rich All-round Fruity & Aromatic All-round Refreshing & Light
Volume capacity: 740 ml 580 ml 400 ml
Height: 25,3 cm 23,7 cm 24,2 cm
Width:  10,0 cm 9,1 cm 7,9 cm
Weight: 300 g 280 g 240 g