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Le Thiers pocket knife with corkscrew

This luxurious Le Thiers Claude Dozorme pocket knife with corkscrewis a handmade masterpiece from the heart of French knife culture. A super exclusive and multi-functional knife, which both allows you to cut bread, cheese or sausages and most importantly of all opening your favorite bottle of wine.

Claude Dozorme is famous around the world for handmaking the best knives and wine accessories, where design and functionality beautifully go hand in hand. The eye-catchy handle of the pocket knife is made of the beautiful, resistant and natural material rosewood, which gives an attractive ‘look’. Together with the high-end steel in black, the design is truly exclusive and a perfect complement to your exclusive wine glasses.

This Le Thiers Claude Dozorme pocket knife has a safe opening-closing system, so you safely can use the pocket knife. We recommend to carefully clean the knife with a damp cloth after each use. The pocket knife comes in a black box with the Claude Dozorme logo on top together with an explanatory sheet.

* We refer to the national laws applicable to wearing and using knives