Sommelier Le Thiers corkscrew -

Claude Dozorme Corkscrew

Sommelier Le Thiers corkscrew

This exclusive Sommelier Le Thiers Claude Dozorme corkscrew is a handmade masterpiece highly appreciated by the world’s leading wine experts, sommeliers and connoisseurs. From the heart of French knife culture in Thiers, Claude Dozorme has developed this elegant and stylish corkscrew in a close collaboration with wine professionals around the world.

With a sexy black handle from pure ebony wood combined with the shiny high-quality steel, the corkscrew appears as an attractive, catchy and yet classy wine opener – and it stands as a perfect complement to your exclusive wine glasses.

With an excellent grip, a smart double-lever toad and a notched capsule cutter, this Sommelier Le Thiers corkscrew allows you to easily, gently and smoothly open even the oldest wine bottle. Let your senses be seduced by the exclusivity of this corkscrew and create the best wine moments for you and your guests. 

The Sommelier Le Thiers Claude Dozorme corkscrewcomes in a beautiful box with the Claude Dozorme logo on top. An stylish black leather pouch is included, so you easily can bring the corkscrew for a picnic. A small key is also included, so you continuously can tighten the hinges.