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Eisch Allround Wine glasses - RED Edition

Unfold the depths of your favorite wine with the elegant, inspiring and sexy RED SENSISPLUS high-quality wine glasses. The RED wine glasses from Eisch allow the wine to express its full potential.

The RED SENSISPLUS glasses are made of brilliant, lead-free crystal using the latest SENSISPLUS technology. Stem and base of the glasses are finished in brilliant red and shiny black by hand.

Within the RED SENSISPLUS line, it is not the wine color that determines the choice of wine glass, but the character of the wine. The RED wine glasses come in 3 variations: Refreshing & Light, Fruity & Aromatic, and Powerful & Rich.

Refreshing & Light:

This wine glass enhances the taste of light, refreshing wines. The special SENSISPLUS feature highlights the fruity hints in white and rosé wines. It is great for young, fruit-flavored champagnes and Blanc de Blancs. Also, it's perfect for serving dessert wines, balancing their sweetness and acidity beautifully.

Fruity & Aromatic:

This wine glass is suitable for elegant, fruity white wines and medium to full-bodied red wines with fruit flavours and without barrique aging. The SENSISPLUS glass combines rich fruit with fine spice and flower flavors.

Powerful & Rich:

This wine glasses is perfect for strong, expressive red wines with firm tannins as well as for voluminous, full-bodied red wines. Perfect for showcasing the flavors of rich, complex white wines such as oak-aged Chardonnays. The generous size of the glass in combination with SENSISPLUS allows the bouquet to develop fully and gives the wines a good balance.

This set includes 2 EISCH wine glasses, perfectly packaged in a gift box, making it an extraordinary present for wine enthusiasts. Whether it is Christmas, a birthday, wedding, or Father’s day, these glasses are a perfect choice, guaranteed to turn every tasting into a memorable experience.

  All-round Powerful & Rich All-round Fruity & Aromatic All-round Refreshing & Light
Volume capacity: 740 ml 580 ml 400 ml
Height: 25,3 cm 23,7 cm 24,2 cm
Width:  10,0 cm 9,1 cm 7,9 cm
Weight: 300 g 280 g 240 g