Champagne Saber Black -

Champagne Saber Black

This exclusive Champagne Saber Lame Noir from Claude Dozorme is handmade in the capital of French knife culture. As a sparkling symbol of French elegance, this Champagne Saber is a remarkable and majestic masterpiece to enrich all your celebrating moments. All in black, the Champagne Saber is a sexy, attractive and eye-catchy ‘must-have’ for every champagne lover and a perfect combination with your exclusive wine glasses.

The Champagne Saber Lame Noir has a stunning black finish – both with a black blade in high-quality stainless steel and a black handle. What a better way to start a party, than popping the Champagne in this modern, chic and stylish way! Red cavalry knots embrace the black ‘look’ as a celebration of French artisanship and refinement. Give you and your guests an unforgettable experience with this luxurious Champagne Saber.

The Champagne Saber Lame Noir is not only the highlight of your celebrating moments – the Champagne Saber comes with a beautiful wooden display stand, so you can steal the show, when friends or family come for a visit. Moreover, a booklet called “L’art de Sabrer le Champagne” is included, so you can learn all about the art of Champagne.

* We refer to the national laws applicable to wearing and using knives and sabers