LAGUIOLE corkscrew – Juniper -

LAGUIOLE corkscrew – Juniper

This luxurious Clos Laguiole Claude Dozorme corkscrew is a handmade masterpiece in authentic and genuine Laguiole-style from Thiers – the heart of French knife culture. This Laguiole corkscrew is the epitome of French artisanship and the perfect match with your exclusive wine glasses. We truly recommend completing the wine experience with this exclusive and elegant French wine opener.

With more than 100 years of experience, Claude Dozorme presents a modern version of the Laguiole traditions, where design and functionality beautifully go hand in hand.

With the brilliant natural material Juniper, the handle feels light, smooth and delicate, and the design appears picturesque, attractive and stylish. With technical perfectionism, innovation and creativity the corkscrew is designed to easily and gently open even the oldest wine bottle. In a fluid movement the attached foil cutter removes the foil around the cork, and the lever smoothly lifts the cork from the bottle.

The Clos Laguiole Claude Dozorme corkscrew comes in a beautiful and decorative box, where you will find an elegant brown leather pouch and a small key, which can be used to tighten the hinges.

Discover better wine taste with this unique and exclusive wine opener from Claude Dozorme and enrich the wine experience for you and your guests.